Administrative Assistant

Alexandre Alleaume

He is a French Korean student studying in the International Relations graduate program at Leiden University (Netherlands). He holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Lille (France) and did an exchange year in Sungkyunkwan University (South-Korea).

His academic focuses being EU history, EU law, political science, and international economics, he aims at pursuing a career in the realms of Europe-Asia diplomacy and trade.

He has experienced positions in management, public representation, and administration. He previously worked for the management team of the Erasmus Mundus program PANGEA in France and for a private company in South-Korea. He also represented France in South-Korea through Les Jeunes IEHDN and advocated for his ideals in the Red Cross as well as La Revue DEMOS. Hefounded an international student association ACAI during his bachelor years in Lille, France.

He practices English, French, and is learning Korean and Chinese.