The firm for international organisations and their staff

A holistic approach to public international law and tailor-made services to each client


Law Of International Civil Servants

Advice to international civil servants and their representatives on fundamental rights, contract law, and formal and informal dispute resolution. Representation before internal mechanisms and administrative tribunals.

Law Of International Organisations

Advice on good governance issues, internal reforms, and their implementation. Representation in negotiations and litigation.

Public International Law

Advice to public entities (governments, international organisations and NGOs) on issues related to P&I agreements, headquarters agreements and human rights.

About Us

MVAAL is a boutique law firm dedicated to public international law, with a particular emphasis and expertise on the law of international organizations and the law of international civil servants. We offer expert legal advice and representation to international clients, with a holistic approach and personalized services, we provide tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of each client.

MVAAL has a well-established practice in policymaking and governance reforms within international organisations, developing international strategies, conducting negotiations and litigation before international administrative courts and tribunals.